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I didn't feel like getting hammered about pulling up an old thread so I made a new one.
We added a few things and tweaked up some of the old.
We've added a chat room. Yep you read that right, a chat room. We have a modding section along with a game section. In the modding section you can tell others what you did and how you went about modding your case or any part of you system for that fact. In the game area you can foam at the mouth to your hearts content about games and the machines you play them on. AND I have added a Pre Build Checklist section. That's for "will this work with that" type of questions. Better to find out ahead of time,huh?
We have a library where you can find referance materials. We also have added a new wrinkle to the suggestions area. Problems with the forum itself can be posted in the problem area and get treated as a trouble ticket. Members are not allowed to respond to them as it's just for the coder and the admins to resolve. This makes it easier for the person working on the forum to see what is wrong on a user by user basis. Then they get archived for later referance.
EDIT: We have added a front page. News and reviews on things. It has links to other places. Right now just set up with hardware links. And a download section. Links to get various software. Dang I'm slipping.
So like David we are tweaking and adding and just having fun with the place. Come by and visit if you want. Just watch out for the paint buckets and ladders laying about.


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i use to love it when you bitched about

and what they posted about CF on there, funny how things change

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Leave him, hes a mod cus he might want to come back,


This needs editing on your homepage:
Your Onlline Computer Helpline,
Welcome to our new home. We have switched servers that will allow us more flexability.
Some of you may have noticed that you have been redirected to . This is normal. Soon we will have multiple domains. The .com will take 24-48 hours to come in effect.,
Soon we will have a whole listing of domains to use.

The bit i am on about it is bold.