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hello, we are a computer class who is having trouble with our keyboard. Our main project was to take apart a computer, and then put it back together. At first we had issues with the hard drive, but now the hard drive works. Anyway, now that our computer logs into windows, there is a keyboard error. We are trying to get the computer to recognize the keyboard. Do we need to go to bios or cmos, and is there a way to do it without a keyboard? Thanks for your time, MHSTECH54:confused:
Try another keyboard. To my knowledge, there are no settings that need to be set specifically for a keyboard in the BIOS or anything. Check though, and if there is make sure it is set for the proper language type. But I would guess that the one you're using is probably bad.

Thanks for your help. We've tried many different keyboards on many different computers, and they all get a keyboard error. We appreciate your advice though. Thanks again, MHSTECH54 :p
I'm not really sure what to tell you then. You should get a BIOS error on boot saying that there is no keyboard and usually you can't progress from there. If you do not receive this error, then you're probably looking at a windows problem. But again...I'm kind of fuzzy on your exact situation so this is probably the only other thing I could tell you without you spelling out the exact details of what you're doing.
How do we set "fail on error" on bios? Could you possibly give us steps to do this? We'd really appreciate it. Thanks, mhstech54 :cool:
You mentioned that you have tried several keyboards on several computers and they all has the same problem!!!

It might be time to specify just what type of error you´ve got.

I guess from the description that the keyboard/s are working at least partly so what is really the problem. If not at all the most likely problem is related to how you connect it or what you connect and not any SW problem at all.
what kinda of keyboard?
Do you recive any Keyboard errors when you boot up? Before you get into windows?
if it's a PS/2 you might keep bending pins.. I did that with my mouse several times..
thanks for all your help. Our keyboard errors show up before windows boots up, but our keyboards aren't even working a little bit. We've tried to push the F2 button, but that doesn't work either. None of the keys on the keyboard work, but the mouse does. We have tried many different keyboards, even new ones and there is still an error, so we believe that it is a computer error, and nothing is wrong with the keyboards. We've also tried plugging the keyboards in many times, and nothing changes. If you can help any further, we'd really appreciate it.
The acutal plug that is basically the Socket that is on the motherboard might be messed up.. My Audio ones are.. and i have to make the wires touch.. after then it's good :D
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