Computer Works at my Apt, not at my Parents or Brother's

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Ok, so I've been building computers for over 10 years a hobby and this is the first time I've had this problem.

Heres the sequence of events:

1. Brother's computer "breaks", making beeping on startup @ his apt
2. Brother takes another computer from my parents house, uses it for 1 week @ his apt, then it starts beeping
3. I take the computer from #2, open it, everything looks, smells fine, I tie everything down, recheck connections. Boots up fine, stress tests fine, I install windows 7, office 2007, run it for 48 hours surfing net. (this is at MY apt)
4. Take this "fixed" computer to my parents house (a 3rd location in this story), and this computer now makes the beeping sound it did in #2.
5. Frustrated, my brother takes a 3rd computer to his apartment, which is a brand new 2009 dell desktop, and now he says the video doesn't work on it (video card/board problems)

So what do you guys think? Somehow, I think that something my brother is plugging into the computer, or the electricity at his apt is at fault for destroying these 3 computers. Strangely though the computer that exhibits beeping at my brothers, and at my parents house, works fine with no problems at my place.

I'm 90% certain that changing out the power supply in the computer from #2, would solve the problems... but why does it work only at my apartment but not at my parents house (which is a 3rd location, not the one it was originally broken at)

I've asked my brother to stop using his computer at his apartment but he refuses. If I ask him to purchase a more expensive power supply that will filter the electricity a bit better would that help prevent surges (if that even was the problem) from damaging yet another computer. Strangely to add to the story, his roomate is not having computer problems, but his roomate is on a laptop. I believe then maybe that his roomate's laptop power cable is helping shield from surges?

What do you guys think?
I bet his incoming power is very horrible.

Get a UPS and use it to smooth out the power.

As to the beeps, do a search for beep codes and your mobo. They'll narrow down your issue.
One thing you might want to do is check the voltage at the wall outlet at the place he is having trouble with it. It is possible that you may not be getting the right amount of voltage whether it be 110 or 220.
Thanks for the replies.

My apartment is not cooler than the other 2 locations. If anything it'd actually be hotter.

I'll definitely try the power filter and measure the incoming power.

Any other suggestions?
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