computer won't start........

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what should i do if my computer cant start.... right when i press the "power" button nothing happens.... is there anything i can do to fix the problem or do i have to bring it to a store to fix... (any hardware i should check etc.)
Yea, dont forget to see if the fan spins at all when you plug the power cable into the power supply, otherwise it might be a connector on the board, or the power switch itself.
Be sure that your CPU fan is plugged into the correct header (as usual, my Athlon XP rig will not turn on at all if the fan is plugged into FAN2 instead of FAN1) - plus my mobo has special LED's to check if an effective amount of power is flowing through - usually if none of the above work, your PSU has blown it. About getting a new power supply, get a QUALITY one (e.g. Antec, Enermax, etc.) - a 350W quality PSU will have a longer shelf life than a low-quality 430W.
This may seem pretty stupid, but it got me multiple times. Make sure the big 16-plug cable that plugs in next to your IDE ports on your mobo is plugged in. Seems stupid to miss, but sometimes u will forget.
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