computer won't shutdown

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Dear Chopper:

I bought this vpr/matrix computer in june. But now if I try to shutdown either by the power switch or start-turn-off computer , It will shutdown but start right back up like a restart. Do you know if this a software or hardware problem. Does Microsoft have a warranty on Windows Xp. Let me know what i can do, please

If that site doesnt help try when you shut down just pulling the power cord of your CPU. Then to start up just put the cord back in :)
I would also have a look through the options set in your BIOS just in case that is the cause. I had an issue with my PC when new whereby it would start for no apparent reason. Turned out to be a BIOS setting telling it to start up when the phone rang!!.
Yeah, disable "wake on LAN" and "wake on modem".

Those are huge security risks if you don't have a proper firewall.
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