Computer wont detect my speakers, headphones, and mic

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The thread title pretty much explains it. I just got a new hard drive installed and when i booted everything up i had no sound. I updated all drivers and made sure everything was plugged in correctly, but in the sound manager there is still no speakers and no microphone detected. any suggestions?
are you sure they were the right sound drivers? sometimes incorrect sounds drivers will show that there are no errors, even when there are.

was there software installed from the manufacturer or for the mobo for line detection before?
Basically what he said ^. If you got a disc provided with the motherboard or you can look up your motherboard online via their website and get the drivers.

Also have you checked if you hooked up properly? Maybe when you installed the new HDD you made a mistake and unhooked 1 of the cables (for the ports on the front of your case if any).
i reinstalled drivers, and it isnt just the front ports not working, its the back ones too. there has to be something between where the ports are to where the computer accepts sound devices, because the on board sound is working fine and my speakers/mic are working fine. also, there is power at the ports so that isnt it either :/
You mentioned your onboard sound works fine, everything gets powered and drivers are up to date, so it may be a possibility that you sound card is faulty? If there is no separate sound card, how do you know if your on board is working fine if nothing works?
i just assume because the mixer shows that there is sound playing on the computer, but that the communication between the computer/realtek and the speakers are not working.
yeah, it won't normally look like it's playing if the sound drivers aren't installed.

maybe that's not the case every time though?

i would think the playing would have more to do with the decoding or codec and the driver would deal more with the physical layer of operation, if that makes sense.
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