Computer won't boot, is it looking for SB Live!?

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I'm running windows 98, and I guess I have some kind of registry error. When I tried to start my computer, it said something about a registry error and that it was automatically fixing it. After a bit, the computer said it had successfully restored a previous stable registry, or something along those lines, and that the computer would restart. However, when it restarted, a black screen came up and said a registry error was detected and I should start computer in command line mode and run scanreg. So I elected to start in command line mode, and it printed what it was doing on the screen. This is an abbreviated portion of the screen:


Creative SB16 Emulation Driver V3.07.........

error: PCI defice detect failed, device not found. Creative SB16 emulation driver not loading.

I then ran scanreg, which said:

Windows found error in registry and was unable to fix it.

Some background - several months ago I removed the soundblaster live! card I had in this computer and put it in me new computer. I reverted to using the onboard sound in the old computer. That computer always gave a long beep when booting and indicated it couldn't find the Live card, but it always booted fine and the onboard sound worked perfectly. My guess is that when the computer reverted to an old registry, it was one that still expected to find the Live! card and the fact it's not there is causing my problem. Also, I have a little over 1GB remaining on the boot disk. I don't know if any of that is reserved for a page file, or temp files or anything, but I don't think lack of space is causing my problems.

I tried messing around with the Bios, but saw very little about sound cards. The only option I saw was to turn off sound. I tried that, but it didn't help. Is there a way to repair my registry without replacing the SBLive!?

I'm a nOOb and have never edited a registry or anything like that, so please spell things out for me.

Thank you so much for any ideas!


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You need to delete the drivers for SB and then set your system to use the onboard sound or install the onboard sound drivers.
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