Computer will not boot.


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Well, not entirely. When I turn on my computer, and Windows XP loads up or whatever, then it just sits there, showing my desktop background image but nothing else (no icons, taskbar, anything). So I just hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete to look at the task manager. I see only system things, and AVG AntiVirus and stuff. Nothing that loads up at startup like MSN Messenger or AIM. I click on File and Run (or something like that) and randomly type in "desktop". [I was bored, and could try anything]. Strangely enough, after typing half of it in, yes half, and not even pressing enter the computer started to boot up. The task manager was still open, and I could see the processes popping up rapidly. Now it's fine.

I tried it again, and left it there for about 20 minutes with the task manager open (without doing the run > desktop thing) and nothing happened. Then I clicked Run and typed some random thing and when I was typing it, the computer started to boot up.

Creepy. Ideas? I was going to reformat, since my Windows is 100% screwed up in the first place, but I can't find my XP CD either.


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have you tried booting into safe mode yet , and running various virus scans etc