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Okay. After asking many various n00b questions I now have my computer set up. It keeps on crashing in the middle of a game and sometimes even not when I'm in a game. I'm pretty sure my computer is running to hot. (Some where aroun 150 degrees farenheight).

I know that's to hot. So my question is how do I check my Cpu, mother board, and gpu temperature? And how do I change it?
All temperatures are in Farenheight:

Motherboard: 90
CPU: 145
GPU: 117
AUX: 108
HDD: 93
they look ok to me although the CPU is a little high for my liking If its AMD that's high although tolerable, if its intel probably within safe limits.

what was the speed of your fan?

have you gone into your BIOS to see if there's a fan control and turn it up to max.
I have amd 3800. I did go into bios and turn the fan speed to 104 degrees(the coolest option) for the processor. Is there anything else I can do? Like stick a big fan where the side panel is. Or is the temp of the cpu not the problem of my crashing computer?
do you no what drivers you have installed with it?

go to start right click on my computer>properties

then click the hardware tab click device manager

open up +display adapters and rick click your 7600 and choose properties

choose the driver tab at the top and look for where it says driver version what are the numbers?

EDIT: yes thats fine
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