Computer stores in Bristol

Akhen Ra

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Hey guys, Im normally from Portland, OR. in the US, but right now, Im in Bristol, England.
I had my computer shipped from Portland to here, and man, they destroyed it in transit. So now I need to get some new parts. My problem, is that PC World is the only computer store I know of here in Bristol, and they dont sell any decent motherboards that support my ram, proc, and video card. I need to find this motherboard:
Asus P5GD2 Premium
someplace where I can buy it today, in person, rather than order it online.
Anyone on here from this area and know of any PC shops with a website I can check to see if they have this?

Half Evil

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wow good luck with that one...but i think that should be in the hardware and soft ware gallery *just had to point that out, lol*


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Don't go to PC World - WAY too expensive (even by British standards) and they sell you complete junk anyway.