Computer Starts Up But Shuts Down Gahhh!!!!


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I spent, yesterday's 6 hours and todays .. 5 hours ... and ITS STILL NOT WORKING, HELP ME GOD!!
Ok it boots fine - in the first boot up, it boots up no problem, and goes to the screen saying you need to put the windows xp windows in, and then when i inserted the disc in, the computer shuts down..., the next time i start it up again, i open up the dvd drive, and it shuts down, next time i boot it up, it starts up and shuts down... whats happening guys , i went through so much trouble.. i wanna use my new comp!!, Is something over heating? Thanks so much

I just checked my guide book, and it says something about the hard drive -

Is not getting power
The drive is incorrectly Installed The drive is not configured in BIOS (Isn't it suppose to auto-detect?)
The Hard Drive is faulty.

I'll have to open up the damn case again, and check the Hard Drive


I have't touched the bios, or formated anything.


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OMFG you almost have the same setup as me! And I had the exact problem!! The CPU and all the stuff you have are almost what I have lol. (I dont have those speakers)

Anyway, Mine was a voltage problem, There wasn't enough voltage going to the Drives.

Here is what I did:

On the slot of the power supply connector thingo, I think its like 20 pin or something? Yeah put that in normally onto the mobo, Then there should be 4 more empty ones right beside it, THere is another thing to put in right near it (It should be attached to the main wire) Sorry if im confusing you, I cant think of another way to explain it to you.

ok now that you have the PSU plugged in, And the other little cable, There is one more

There should be another slot somewhere on your mobo (Its like a 4 pin one, just like the one on the PSU port)

Find a cable from the PSU, A 4 pin, Plug it in.. If it still does the same problem, Rotate the 4 pin thingo the other way, It plugs in both ways but if its not in the right way then it will reboot. It should click if its in the right way..

I know this all seems confusing, If I can, I'll try to take pictures later.

Also, Try plugging the DVD/CD drive into a different power cable thing.

ok what I ment by the ports is that:

On the motherboard there is a long slot for the power supply cable, When you plug the power supply in, There are still 4 empty holes near it, Thats where the second cable goes into..

Then, I think it was on the other side of the mobo, Not sure, There is another one of these 4 port thing, Its like little squares and sort of hexigon thingo, Plug the correct cable into that. Turn it on and see, If it still reboots, Plug it in the other way and it should be fine.

The computer would still boot up normally, and you would be able to open the DVD drive normally even if you didn't Have a HDD plugged in.

You can also try this:

Take out all the stuff like RAM etc, (Just unplug it), Then boot it up, One by one put all the stuff in and see when it starts stuffing up, You will know what is causing the problem.


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^What your saying is plug in the 20+4 ATX connector for the mobo, and plug in the 4 pin cpu power connector to the motherboard :)


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Thanks xD

So yeah, Just make sure all your cables are correct. I just got my friend to come over since he has abit of experience, Him and his dad built their own computers. And Yeah, Maybe in a few weeks I'll tidy up all the wires

I just have a problem with my CPU though, At idle, It runs at about 75 Degrees, CELCIUS!!! :O. I use the stock heatsink that came with the core 2 duo, I was going to buy the blue orb II but I had no money, I chose to get a high end graphics card and some extra RAM.

So Yeah, When Im playing a game like FEAR the CPU usage is at 1% which I think is amazing? on my pent. D it would go over 80%.. But yeah I might take off the side of my case and stick a massive water fan that I use for my living room?