Computer slow to startup


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Hi there,
My problem is that my few months old computer is slow on every startup, thing is that the boot time checked in task manager is fast, arround 8 sec, but the time that desktop is shown is like 5 min. Another thing is that the mouse and keyboard are turn on short , and then turn off till comp is started. I tried everything to fix this that include updating windows, changing some minor settings found on other forums/blogs on internet but the problem is still there.
Comp specs:
-intel i5 8400
-nvidia gforce 1050ti
-asus h310m-k motherboard
-1TB hard disk
Disk has two partitions and the one with windows is 136GB free of 300GB.
Has anyone know what the solutio might be?
ps. sorry for my bad english, it is not my primary language.


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Well, the problems that you say your computer has
could be caused by lack of memory but since the hard drive is 1TB that option is discarded, the other thing that occurs to me is that the reason for the slowness of your computer is because of a virus so I recommend that you format it again. And as for what you mention about the keyboard and the mouse, I would verify the source of power and the power supply that reaches your computer. I read a problem related to the one you have on this website, you can verify it. Greetings. I hope your problem is solved..