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Im running Win 98 and jut reacently its been shutting off by itself, but still has power running to it. Someone told me this could be hardware related. I just added a new 128M MSI video card, and I know people using my computer have turned it off by pushing the power button. Any clues, does shutting off the computer that way kill the harddrive? Please help!
Most likely you need to adjust your power management settings - go to your display properties (Right click desktop > properties) > screen saver tab > click 'power' and set your settings to 'Always on', and if all the options aren't set to 'Never', then select that option to do so. Usually this is the case if you leave your computer to idle.

And if that doesn't work, it's most likely a fact that your AGP graphics card isn't getting enough power - check to make sure your power supply is supplying enough juice, as well as check with any issues with the graphics card and motherboard, usually from your motherboard manufacturer's web site.
shucks, then it might be my new baby, but why would it coflict with programs running, especially if theyre not graphics heavy. I play AOM and C&C Generals just fine without incedent.
Oh and here are my specs (best I can do)
KT3 ultra2 (DDR)
AMD XP 1900
512MB Ram (2 chip)
MSI MS-Starforce GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8x (128MB DDR)
ViewSonic Monitor
Windows 98
350watt PS
2 Western Digital 40G 7200rpm HD

And yes MIcrobell, this didn't happen with my old card. Is there any way I can find out if the video card is getting enough power, and adjust it? And thanks for all the help, this site is great.
Yup underpowered, get yourself a nice Antec psu, the nice ones with dual fans - superb they are, I got one, never goes down on me.
Thanks all, I just have to wait for the next pay check. But can someone explain why this happenswhen accessing scandisk and not C&C Generals and AOM?
it will be safer if you use a 420Watts PSU. Since ur spec is so power hunger. I believe the start up power supply is just nice at 350Watts. But, do remember that hardware devices sometime draw a bit more voltage during some interval of the day. Another thing to note is, if ur monitor also draw power from the PSU or standalone? If its also drawing power from PSU, think, you can try using a standalone plug and see if the problem still occur. If you intend to add on another IDE device, then changing the PSU is definitely a wiser choice. I remember that i read abt the PSU using abt 50watts more to start up when you switch it on, only to go back to regular mode after it start to load the OS. Correct me if im wrong.
Oh yes ..once you get the new PSU format and reinstall and then you can scandisk and defrag your harddisk every two days ...or you can do it everyday is a lot faster and will keep your comp always in a good state.
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