Computer Restarted


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Uh...the computer was on.

Then i plugged in this 80 mm fan i got. It's a 2 pin connector to the motherboard.

when i plugged it in, the computer restarted :|

uh....i hope i didn't do any permanent damage?


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you shouldn't be working in your computer while its on lol

if you're able to type that^^ then it should be fine im guessing


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i kno, but i noticed a fan not spinning and i just naturally went in to fix it

i hope its just a motherboard safety feature and not like my psu burning out


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Worst thing I have seen was a friends gf take out his graphics card while he was on the computer and destroyed the mobo. You should be fine though.


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ok. im continually ghetto moding it

i have a standard 120 blue mm in the back

i jury rigged a standard 120 mm in the front

then i have 2 jury rigged on the side of the case. 72 mm??? ( the ones with the 2 pin connectors)

im worried about the last 2 because they both connect to the same 2 pin

i connected both fans together then connected the 2 pin to those fans.

anybody see anything wrong with that?


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In order to make everything fit in my Raidmax Smilodon, I have pretty much everything jimmy rigged. As long as you are following the basics of electronics and wiring, you should be fine. With my Zalman fan controller, it only has 4 connectors for PWM style connections. Well, I've got 6 fans in my case, so something isn't going to get plugged in, right? Wrong. I've got my intake on one PWM connector, my HSF on the next, my GPU on the third and I've spliced 3 80mm case fans into the last one. Works just fine. And nothing is being overloaded or anything. Then I have 2 12v/5v switched on the Zalman as well, the first is jimmy rigged to my front case panel LEDs, the second is rigged to turn on my CCFLs.

Working fine. Haven't burned my house down yet :p.

At any rate, though, you should NEVER EVER work with your computer on. That was just stupid.