Computer ran for a week and stopped

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I recently built a computer with an ABIT KT400 RAID MOBO and a AMD Athalon 2400+. It worked flawlessly for a week. Today i go to turn on the computer and when i press the power the light goes on for a second, the fans twitch and everything just stops. I dont think the PS is broken because there is still a light on the Motherboard. Any suggestions? Thank you
For safety precaution, check to make sure your CPU fan is plugged into header 'FAN1' and not 'FAN2', however, there's some other possible causes to this, as it could be a short on the motherboard (or another failing device), or the fact that the PSU is dead - try with another PSU and check the results.
hmmm, i'm also wondering if it could be that the processor somehow became unseated as well. As for the PSU, i don't have a spare, but i can tell you that once i turn on the power and the fans jerk, the PSU fan isnt spinning
doesn't mean much. if the mobo isn't initializing properly, the psu may not turn on completely. you're going to have to troubleshoot it a bit. I'd recommend getting Abit on the phone to see if they can talk you through some things.
yea im not near my comp currently, but im assuming that the processor became unseated and the mobo isnt initializing completely to prevent damage to the processor
I think i figured it out (still away from it). The heatisink, mobo fan, and psu fan are all starting and then stopping. Recently the gel i had on the heatsink didnt apply properly to my processor. i guess that the gel is making the processor shut down since at BIOS i had a temperature autoshutdown. Since the light on the mobo urns on when i turn the power (before i press the on button), i can rule out a short in the mobo i assume. I will try to reseat the processor with new gel and hopefully it will work :D . I wont be home for another 12 how does my idea sound?
Thanks for the help! I RMA'd got my money back and bought a cheaper motherboard with an nforce2 chip and many OC features :D works really well and it increased my 3dmark2001se score 1000 points lol
I ordered from they give their own warranty for 30 days before sending you over to the company. So I painlessly RMA'd with them and got a refund (their customer service is the greatest) :p
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