Computer problems... I am stumped!


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Hello! I have been working on a computer issue for months and can not fix it. It's driving me nuts and I was hoping someone could help point me in the right direction. I am not a computer pro, but I would say I definitely know more than the average person.

So I built my first computer about 4 years ago... it has always run beautifully until recently. I reinstalled the OS (Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit) and that's when things started going wrong. The computer has the weirdest glitches.

*Sometimes it freezes.
*Sometimes it just shuts off. Either the blue screen of death or it just displays a screen that looks like bad TV reception and then reboots.
*Sometimes it doesn't allow videos to play online.
*Firefox crashes often. Internet Explorer does too, but not as often..
*Sometimes random drivers don't work.
*Sometimes programs won't download or install.
*Sometimes it takes my virus protection offline.
*Sometimes the internet just doesn't work at all
*Sometimes when it reboots, it needs to reboot over and over again before it works.

Anyway... super annoying as you can imaginie. I thought it was the bios, since it seems the computer isn't communicating correctly. I went to the ASUS website to download the latest BIOS update but it doesn't work. When I go into EZ Flash 2, it says there are too many .bin files on the disk and I should remove them. I check the disk, and there is only 1 file. I did notice that the file it downloads is twice as big. On the website it says the file is 512 MB and once it is downloaded it says it's 1024 mb.

At this point in time, I don't know what to do. I can barely use the computer at all. Any suggestions at all would be very appreciated as I am completely stumped. Thank you,



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I'd start with a memory check-- get a bootable CD with memtest86+ on it and run that program for a day. If you get any failures at all, then you have either a bad memory module or Northbridge.

Before you start chucking things away, though, open up your case, blow everything out and make sure your RAM sticks are properly installed and check those hard drive cables, too-- they have a propensity for popping out.


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I agree check the ram, how much ram do you have in your pc, and have you wiped your HDD clean and done a clean install again, it trial and error as you may well know, also if you press f8 when booting there is a option for system tools that takes you to a log on screen, log on with name and password and it will give you several options to check and repair your installation