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I have two identical PCs made in 2010 which both have the Intel Core2 Extreme Q9300 processor and Nvidia GeForce GT710 graphics cards.

They both have the same NVME drive in the same PCI-E to NVME adapter.
They both have the same graphics card which is an M-Audio Delta 192.
They both have the same amount manufacturer and model of RAM.
They run Windows 10 on the same version.
They both have a lot of the same programs installed.
They both run Voicemeeter Banana which is a replacement for the Windows volume mixer.

In other words they both should work the exact same.

One works as expected as I used it early this month to DJ a bonfire with and it had no problems whatsoever.

The other has stuttering audio when watching YouTube videos and playing music from iTunes, however streaming stations in VLC media player works properly. That PC also shows the SPDIF input of the sound card in red in Voicemeeter and in the program settings it shows failed to open input device.

If the SPDIF input showing in red isn't the problem, what could be causing the audio issue?
Got way delayed in replying to this topic.

I can swap the two cards around and see if the problem follows the card.

If so it's the card.

If not I may try re-installing the driver.

Interestingly enough I just checked and the audio stuttering with a YouTube video isn't happening anymore.

That said I no longer use a program called Stereo Tools to process the audio. So maybe that's it, but I don't know why it would all the sudden be a problem unless YouTube, iTunes and Windows keeps improving things making things require more hardware power.
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