computer problem video card,ram?


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hello guys,
my system specs are
160 gb hd
512 of ram
2.4 ghz of processor
64 integrated video card
intel 845gvsr chipset

my computer was running smoothly before a few months ago until one day i turn on the computer and everything went fine until the loading screen at startup of windows xp. After the loading bar dissapeared the welcome screen did not come. i tired many times but my computer only booted until the loading screen with the bar and after that it would just come to blank screen and restart over and over again. I have tried to load up safe mode but safe mode also does not load up. Safe mode hangs after the part it loads all the owndows driver. Since then i have reisntalled windows many times. Just to let you know my comp runs well after i reinstall windows or if i am operating it every time. its only after i turn it off. i am guessing if this a hard drive or a video card problem.any suggestion would be helpful.
thank you


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if anything i would say its either your RAM or your video card i suggest trying different parts but.. make sure those parts are compatable or your gonna have a few problems