Computer Overheating - PLEASE HELP

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My computer keeps shutting down (BSOD) with various STOP messages (0x0000007E, 0x000000E9) - almost always different.

Have determined that it must be because it is overheating. After being on for only about 10 minutes the temp will climb to over 90 degrees celsius (190 degrees faireinheit). The computer is has AMD Sempron 2800, 512 MB DDR SDRam. Once it reaches 85 - 95 degrees celsius, that's when it shuts down and goes to the BSOD.

I have very little hardware experience but the computer was relatively inexpensive so I want to avoid bringing it in for repair. After countless hours of researching on the net and in forums, I think it has to be one or more of the following: Power Supply, Heatsink/Fans, Memory.

I took the case off and cleaned out all the dust. I put a house fan next to it and with the fan blowing on the inside of the case, the temp will stay at round 46 - 50 degrees celsius. The computer seems to work OK doing this although it seems to run a little slower than usual.

If anyone is familiar with this type of problem and can help point me to the likely culprit I would appreciate your response so much.

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wow, thats high temperatures, ur computer is doing its job by crashing and giving u BSOD so ur hardware doesnt melt and die.

first things first
1. blow ALL the dust off ur fans from ur CPu and ur heatsink, GPu(graphic card), ur Power supply, and any other fan(s) ur using.
2. ur going to have to change ur CPU thermal paste so it doesnt kill ur CPU from a melt down, u can also change the GPU thermal paste as well so the graphic card doesnt overheat and crap out on u
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