Computer not Starting


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I have a problem or I should say my son has a problem. He has a Dell Laptop(running windows 10), one designed by Dell in connection with his engineering profs at college. This morning it wouldn't start. He got the Dell logo then it went blank. He asked me to look at it and I got the same thing. About the 3rd time trying to get it going it went to a automatic repair mode but still nothing. I tried to boot into a Windows 10 recovery repair but it won't load it just hangs. I can load into a UBCD usb pendrive or Hirens Boot CD but not into Windows 10 recovery usb dirve or the Windows Reinstall usb drive that came with the unit.

Eventually, I able to run a diagnostic and got an error that says the hard drive has a problem. incidentally, I discovered that the laptop has a ssd boot drive (or mini ssd drive as it says) separate from the hard drive.

Anyone got any ideas. Also even if with the hard drive gone should I still be able to boot into the windows recovery drive or reinstallation drive?


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If the hard drive has gone then I doubt very much that you would be able to boot into the recovery partition although I would be surprised if that is the case with a SSD. If the recovery partiton is still available then tapping the F12 key during the time that the Dell logo is on the screen should take you to the boot options and there should be an option to boot into recovery. The other thing is that Windows 10 uses UEFI type bios and to boot from a usb recovery drive you may have to turn off secure boot in the bios.