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Can anyone suggest a step by step trouble shooting method, my computer locks up at random and I have tried everything. Uninstalling software, memory mods.

Appreciate any help!

what devices have u in ure system(pci)?

& what are you doing when it locks up?

& how frequent are the lockups?

& what type of lockup?

& what OS do you have?

Have you updated all your drivers? My system would lock up on me whenever I cruised into certain websites, my video would shut down. I updated my video drivers to the latest (March 2002) and now those sites don't shut me down anymore.
DMo224 said:
Is CNet a good way to make sure the drivers are up-to-date?

I think it's called CNet Catch Up?

I dont know ive never tryed it. I often just go to hardware sites to cheeck for any update drivers.

C Net catch up works pretty good just dont do to many updats at one time.You can download a bunch but you can cause problems if you try to install to many too at once.
I dont know about C Net. I recomend u go to the hardware manufacture's website, which in most cases offeres the official and the latest drives.

If u tried everything and couldnt fix ure locking up prob, re format the computer and reinstall windows or what every os ure using.
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