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ok so this is wat happened to my computer, i beleive i got a virus on my computer it was a custom built Windows XP comp. my comp was just restarting over and over ... no matter wat i did
so i pulled out my hard drive connected it to an older computer formatted the drive then installed XP onto the hard drive while it was in the other comp as a dual boot, then i tried to put it back into the original comp and it still dident work not sure exactly the error message i got ... it was a long time ago, i beleive i did many other things after that but i dont remember them ... lol it was like 3 -4 months ago.
so the other day i tried it out with a windows cd in the comp then it gave let me install windows, i was happy cuz i thought i was going to finally fix this comp, i did a full reformat of the hard drive, then the comp was in the process of copying over windows files.. then for some reason it stoped the whole process, i tried restarting to try the install again but now the comp just shows the message "Press any button to start installing Windows ..." but it dosent do anything else ... and i have no idea wat to do now ...
ohh and i messed around with the jumpers on the cd and hard drives tried to make them masters .... dont now if i should have done that or not
if anyone has any suggestions let me know, i dont want to get rid of the comp cuz it was such a good comp, it had a big hard drive and it was a very fast comp.
Maybe your PSU is going bad? Or it could be a MOBO issue. Stick another hard-drive in there with Windows installed and see if it works. If it doesn't, you might have to go and test parts to see if they're bad or not.


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that would be the 'eliminate everything first, and then the mobo last' method
and i dont know of any other way to test it either