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Hello, I am the owner of Computer Head Exchange Hosting, a company that provides affordable hosted exchange solutions to customers and businesses. We offer three main plans to suit our customer's needs: a Basic plan with 500 MB of storage for $11.99 a month per mailbox, a Standard plan with 1GB of storage for $16.99 a month per mailbox, and a Premium plan with 3GB of storage for $44.99 a month per mailbox.

The standard features of all of our packages include:

  • Use the domain name of your choice
  • Choice of Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2007
  • Access to Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • Access to Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) (Only if you subscribe to an Exchange 2003 Mailbox, as OMA was discontinued in the release of Exchange 2007)
  • Can be integrated into Microsoft Outlook
  • Free Microsoft Outlook license included for every mailbox added to the account
  • Top-Level Security
  • Robust Bandwidth
  • Built-in Redundancy
  • Timely upgrades and security patches
  • Onsite Maintenance and Support
  • Skilled, Experienced, and Certified Support Staff
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Month-to-Month Commitment

What is Hosted Exchange?

Microsoft Hosted Exchange from Computer Head Exchange Hosting is the email solution designed to help small and medium companies:

  • Access information, even when out of the office
  • Get more out of an email system so that employees can get more done
  • Gain the peace of mind that comes from a professionally managed service

With Microsoft Exchange as the mail server and Microsoft Outlook as your client, your employees can do more than send and receive email – they can share calendars, folders and contacts. Outlook is available for desktop, browser, and mobile access so you’re always connected, whether you’re in the office, traveling, or working at home. And since you always connect to the same Exchange server, your inbox stays synchronized, no matter which Outlook client you’re using.

When you choose Hosted Exchange from Computer Head Exchange Hosting, you can rest assured, knowing your email system is always secure, always backed-up and always available with our:

  • State-of-the-art security and privacy
  • High reliability and performance
  • Outstanding administration and support

Implementing and managing Microsoft Exchange in-house has been cost-prohibitive and out-of-reach for most small-medium businesses. Hosted Exchange is suitable for even the smallest companies with only a few employees. You gain all the power with none of the pain when you choose Microsoft Hosted Exchange from Computer Head Exchange Hosting.

What are the advantages of a hosted solution?

A Hosted Exchange solution carries many benefits over an in-house solution. For one, with an in-house solution, there is a large upfront investment of hardware, such as a server. You also have an investment within a copy of Windows Server 2003, a license for Microsoft Exchange, just to mention a few. Plus maintenance can be a huge issue with an in-house Exchange solution. You will most likely need an IT 'expert' that can dedicate time to installing patches and performing regular maintenance to the Exchange server. With a Hosted solution, that is all taken care of. Computer Head Exchange Hosting employs dedicated staff who hold industry certifications to perform maintenance. Part of this maintenance includes daily off-site backups. This is all done while maintaining the utmost concern for securing your data. Computer Head Exchange Hosting also upholds top-level physical and data security.

Just to give you an idea, say that you decided to employ an in-house Exchange solution. How secure would the server be? What about remote access to the server? Our systems are not only physically secure in our data center with 24 hour surveillance and restricted access, but we employ Kerberos authentication on our servers, which enhances the security of your data. Also employed is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security, so your data is secured and encrypted even outside the company firewall.

Why should I use Exchange over free e-mail?

Free e-mail (commonly referred to as POP3) is usually offered by either your ISP as part of an Internet or hosting package, or offered from sites such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL. Computer Head Exchange Hosting likes to refer to this as "good enough" e-mail. Usually "good enough" e-mail carries basic e-mail services, and that's it. More times than not, the e-mail client software is very weak, can vary in interface dramatically between e-mail hosts, and lacks components such as calendars and tasks.

Microsoft Exchange not only offers these components, such as calendars, tasks, and notes, but they can even be shared among the other mailboxes in the system. This ability to share calendars, tasks, notes, and contacts allows for better collaboration. This will ultimately help the company by allowing employees to schedule meetings, share documents, delegate tasks, and improving productivity. The best part is that if your company employs mobile workers, all of this shared collaboration is constantly synchronized between Microsoft Outlook (the desktop client), Outlook Web Access, and Outlook Mobile Access (for Exchange 2003 clients). Plus since this system is hosted, system performance will still be top-notch, whether you are at the office in Atlanta, or a business meeting in Seattle. With an in-house solution, performance is fine within the company's walls, but once they are on the outside of the company firewall, performance tends to sink.

So to sum things up, "good enough" e-mail is nice for basic e-mail needs, but for your business to thrive, you may want to consider a Hosted Exchange solution.

Peace of Mind

Email has become a high demand application used companywide, requiring high around-the-clock availability. To stay competitive in today’s business environment, you need sophisticated messaging tools with features like mobile access and shared calendars. Yet these tools come with complex needs for implementation, management and support.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of business class email in a ‘pay as you go’ model that allows you to scale up or down as needed, with no risk. Hosted Exchange from Computer Head Exchange Hosting frees valuable capital, IT staff and other costly resources for more effective, strategic use within your company.

With Hosted Exchange, no specialized technology skills are required. Administrative tasks, like adding new mailboxes, are simplified so even non-technical staff can handle them.

Quality of service backed by guaranteed service levels will bring you peace of mind. And you get a messaging solution that is much more rich, reliable and robust than basic Web mail.

When you are ready to offload the administration of your messaging system, without giving up features or control, discover Hosted Exchange from Computer Head Exchange Hosting.

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to increase productivity of your employees by reaping the benefits of Exchange without the hassle and expense of an in-house solution? Computer Head Exchange Hosting may be the solution for you!

You can reach us via e-mail at or go to our website. There we have plan information, as well as a live chat program should you have any questions. We hope to assist you in fulfilling your Hosted Exchange needs.

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