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I just got a new Prescott Pentium 4 3ghz cpu and a case. Everything seems to run fine, but every time I play a game for longer than 10 minutes the pc just freezes. The same thing happened when I tried to burn a dvd. I can't move my mouse or ctrl alt del or anything. I'm using SiSandra to monitor the CPU temperature and it's about 32 C on idle and low 40's when the game was running. I updated all my drivers, but it still keeps freezing.

Any suggestions?

Computer Specs:
Pentium 4 3ghz
Radeon 9800 Pro
Soyo dragon 2 v1.0 mobo
Crucial 512 pc3200 RAM
80 GB HD

Operating System: Windows 2000


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Junk gfx card!!! It'll crash if it can't keep up. You need to get abetter gfx card. I can't run fs2004 on a p4 560, 1GB ram, and X300se on max settings when doing complex approaches especially if i have severe weather, it'll go for 2 seconds really laggy and then crash. As for when you're burining a dvd, perhaps its because something corrupt on what you're burning.
i say try running a simulated burn if you don't wanna risk wasting another disc just to see if it is the same problem causing the freeze during burning or if it was just coincidence. if the same thing caused that freeze then chances are it can't be the graphics card. possibly memory or hdd as both burning and playing games can be memory and hdd intensive


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Wats your CPU temp? Get it to freeze, restart PC, then go into bios and have a look at the temp of the CPU. Bet you its overheating. If its not clear bios, then reload windows. Or if still no luck go for the format. Oh and by the way the card you have is very cool. You will have no problems with one of those babies.
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