Computer Freezing

Omarius Prime

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Im new to these forums, but i have recently been having this freezing problem with my computer thats driving me crazy.

Computer Specs:
Windows 7 Pro
I7 2600
GTX 570
8 Gigs of Ram
1TB HD 7200

I bought this computer in Dec 2011, and it has been flawless for me ever since. June 1st i went on a business trip overseas for a month and a half, come back and this problem started happening(I unplugged it before leaving, and no one was home).

The Problem:
Every time i try to open utorrent or frostwire, computer freezes. It doesnt really freeze, i dont know how to put it, i can still move my mouse around but i cant open anymore programs and frostwire utorrent will open very slowly, like my computer is struggling to do anything. So i try to control alt delete, nothing happens, i click start(or anything) on the taskbar, and that freezes as well. Usually the first thing that freezes is my taskbar. I have scanned my computer with avg and ad aware, no problems. Ok, so i reformat my computer, everything is fine and dandy, i then install frostwire, same problem all over again... uninstall it and try out utorrent, same problem. I thought maybe it would be my firewall so i disable it, it loaded the program fast and no problem, but then i try to do something after 2 seconds, and it freezes again. I cant restart my computer so i have to push the button to reset.

Meanwhile, if i dont open up these 2 programs, im fine. I use this computer to game a lot. I play diablo 3, left for dead 2, and battlefield 3 no problem... but when it comes to these 2 programs it keeps crashing.

Please help me with this issue, i really dont know what else to do.



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First, both of those programs are generally used for illegal activity so we can't provide much help.

The extent of the help I can offer is to uninstall/reinstall both programs.