Computer freezes/slows down when I plug into USB


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Hey I went away for the weekend and when I came back my computer was shut down. I dont know if anyone shut it down or if it turned off from a thunderstorm. But when I went to plug in my smartphone the computer was freezing up and going really slow. The phone it self has about 10gb of storage.

I tested it on every USB port and it was the same issue.

I went and pulled out my external HDD which is about 120 GB and it froze the computer entirely. I am sure if I waited long enough it would unfreeze and the folder would pop up.

But anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?

I know no one was on my computer as far as shutting it I am not to sure.


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Phantom shutdown seems like windows updated and turned itself off. Maybe the update that was installed is conflicting with one of your motherboard drivers. Try updating those and see where it gets you. I had a somewhat similar problem one time, windows updated and it did not like my x58 chipset driver at all. It would read my usb devices but couldn't transfer data to external hdds or thumbdrives. Updating my chipset drivers and updating my motherboard bios fixed this issue.


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I'm going to assume it turned off from a storm for a minute here.

Turn the computer off and un-plug it. Open up the side of the case and put your finger on top of the USB port (the solid metal part behind where you'd plug in the usb stuff) and hold the power button down. What you are doing is dis-charging any excess charge on the usb ports that could mess with the signal. It's a common issue after electrical storms.

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it's even doing it from the front usb ports that are attached from the case.

ill give both suggestions a try in the morning.