Computer Education ?


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Now the age of computers have developed so much and the age that circulated all the techno information worldwide with a single chipset from china, taiwan, usa, england, india...etc.
So whats the stance of computer education nowdays...?
Like when i was in college i used read about IT computer languages....etc
Nowdays i have these books at home to appear for some curriculum N10-002 and MCTS exam 70- 680.....networking + and networking all in one...and it seems really easy studying them as windows 7 , windows vista and windows xp who has been using them should have easy knowledge to what the understanding of the terms like IRQ, ISDN, Mosfets -transistors etc are....
Whereas the other things are just terminology and basic working like administration and implementation.
So what are people in india doing computers have taken over indian education?
Have they now lesser interests in taking up biology, physics or literature subjects, or have they even started neglecting electronics and electrical concept based education nowdays?
And they are now piling up laptops old ones and making duplicates of their motherboards and putting them inside cover to look exterior names as duplicate companies manufactured as indian made...
So that electronic based engineering circuit board technology education is now a thing of the past and favorite pastime is only one board concept that is motherboard and its alligning software concepts....!!!?
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