Computer crashing and blue screen need HELP

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Hey guys so recently I built my first gaming computer. Things haven't been going great I've had a few crashes during games which I believe have to do with outdated graphic drivers but nothing really that bad. Then yesterday after reverting back to old graphic drivers for my radeon 5770 since the current drivers were causing problems. I started playing napoleon total everything was running well no lag or anything then it just crashed but unlike the few times before I got the blue screen and then my computer restarted and was okay for about a minute or two and as soon as tried to run internet explorer it crashed and gave me the blue screen. It did this 3 times in a row and so I just shut it down and haven't used it since. I'm starting to get really frustrated since this computer is only a month old and already have problems. Any ideas on whats wrong really need help?
When you rolled back, did you clean the old ones out?

I'd boot to safe mode, run something like driversweeper, or another type program, to completely remove all aspects of the old one, then reboot and install the old driver that was fine.

Its quite posible, reminants of the unhappy driver is still inplace and causing BSODs
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