computer can't install devices

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All Seeing Eye
I've recently formated my computer. everything is working fine but it can't find the USB connection (though the camera contected to it is working, ah?!) and the 'PCI Multimedia Audio Device'.. it is weird, cause I haven't had any problems with these when formating the last time (I'm formating the computer one per six months). so the usb device don't really bother me, cause it works, but I can't hear sounds..
needless to say I've the Windows cd, but the search in it don't find the drivers for the devices.
any help would be very appreciated, thanks friends!

my computer compoments:
Intel P-III(PGA) 666MGH (diabolic, hehe :))
Creative Sound Blaster CT4810 SB128
GeForce II 64 MG
256 MG Memory Card
Windows 98 SE Enabled


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thanks alot m8, I'm greatful.
I've downloaded it and will try it tomorow.. thanks..
Worked well. silly how I didn't think of finding the driver manualy.. thanks alot friend.
€cniv is just on top of everything....hahah. If i have any problems i'm just gonna start a thread "€cniv Look here" hahah..
lol, dont give me any idea's Dante! hehe
USB components

Did you get full functionality of your USB components? Sometimes you need to download the motherboard's drivers from the appropriate web site to get those "onboard" features working properly.
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