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I run the tech at the church I go to and recently the newest version of OBS obsoleted the video card in the stream PC from 2017 so as a temp fix I rolled back to the previous version.

Eventually we will need to replace that PC.

I would like to build one as I can get it exactly like it needs to be and know that good quality parts have been used.


Nvidia video card.
Intel processor
NVME hard drive
Four monitor outputs
Around $1,000 maximum if possible.

What parts would be recommended for a PC used for streaming to Facebook using OBS?
I would tend to think that a video card would not be required for your application, you could get away with using a processor with a built in gpu. It would save you on your budget
you'll have to look.
I have an ASRock A320 AMD board that supports 3 monitors.
I know this is not an Intel as you asked for. I would tend to think that a good processor could handle 4 monitors as long as your not doing any heavy lifting with it (like gaming)

Edit: If you can't find a board you may have to go with a video card. I'll leave the those recommendations to someone else.
This is an interesting read for your pleasure time.
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It all depends on what needs to be done on the spare monitors. Theoretically, you could do 2 or 3 outputs off a motherboard and use a USB video output to the 4th. If you use something cheap like a 13400 with a decent IGP you can use Quicksync for the OBS encoding while outputting to 2 or 3 monitors.
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