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I am building a computer within the next month. If you see anything wrong with the list please tell me (eg this part doenst work well with that one, compatibility issues) I am also lookin for advice on what processor to get. (wich cores are better than others? difference between AMD X2 and AMD Dual Core?)

The computer will be for gaming, but I can't afford SLI or Crossfire, but having the option to upgrade to it would be nice. The Vid card will need enough power to handle 2 monitors; a 17inch CRT and a 26inch LCD HDTV (are videocards doing HDMI yet?)

Also, would I get better performance from a single 10000 rpm hard drive, or 2 7200 rpm's in raid 0?

OK, here's the list, please improve it for me. Keep in mind this computer will be running Windows Vista. Please try to keep it in the same price range, but im more interested in getting more bang for my buck than overal price. Pick away.

Lian Li ATX Case

Antec SmartPower 2.0 500W Power Supply

DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+

Corsair XMS 2GB Dual Channel DDR400

ATI Radeon X1800XT 256MB GDDR3

Samsung DVD Burner

Western Digital Raptor 74GB 10,000 RPM

Zalman Heatsink w/ fan

OK thats all the major components, do what u all do best.
I already have an audigy 2 zs and nice speaker system, so the audio part is covered.


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I am not sure which gives the better performance, the RAID 0 or the 10,000 RPM. I would personally go for the RAID 0 with the 7200RPM's though for the large amount of space. I would personally get a 7900GT and do a volt mod on it for a good performance increase, but if you aren't up to that, choose which card you like best out of the two, because they're about equilivent in performance and price.

For the CPU, I suggest going for an Opteron 165. It's cheaper and provides double the L2 cache. You will have no problem overclocking it way beyond the 4200's speed, thus get more performance for less price.

For RAM, compare that Corsair with the OCZ and G.SKILL RAM in the same price range, as I find them to be better brands and recommend them over the Corsair.

And the PSU. I have that in my build. It is extremely convenient when it comes to wiring your case, because it has no extra wires lying around due to being modular. It'd handle that build, but I'm not sure if it'd leave much growing room.


the corsair is fine. but yeah changed the cpu, the 4200+ has half the cache of other cpus but it just isnt worth it, get the Opteron 170, its cheaper and better.
go with the RAID 0 as it will perform better and have greater storage capacity, although there is less chance of data loss with the single raptor. the 4200+ is a waste of money, you should look at the x2 3800+ or opterons 165 and 170.

edit: consider overclocking. if you are uncertain then you should drop a post in the overclocking section and someone will be more than happy to answer your questions, just be prepared to do some research as no one is going to feel like giving you a crash course when there is information available everywhere.


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For the CPU I'd go to the 4400+ and overclock instead of overclocking an Opteron. For the HD, go with the 7200rpm drives but make sure they're SATAII. Other than that, I like it.


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DFI boards dont like corsair at all.

neither with kingston.

Stick with OCZ, G.SKILL, Crucial, Mushkin, and Patriot

dipique said:
For the CPU I'd go to the 4400+ and overclock instead of overclocking an Opteron.

Care to Emphasize?

Opterons Over clock better and usually have better steppings...I would go with the opteron in this case.

You may not want to overclock. but there are two types of people.

1 Once they over clock, it "pumps" them up and they see if they can go farther. They go as far as there consiouce desires.

2 They Over clock and drop there gloves and say thats it. They Overclock a little and are happy with there results but dont feel the need to go farther.

So I advise getting the opteron.

Its really not hard to get that to 2.2 at all, wich is the equivalint to the X2 4400+. Honestly.

And if you want to go higher, if your lucky and get a good stepping your looking at 2.8 GHz and 3.0 if your really lucky.

You cant lose if you get the opteron;)


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yes i have considered overclocking, and will look to other places to get more info on that. the only issue with that would be cooling. is it possible to overclock with air cooling? I really dont want to overclock unless I can get a noticeable performance gain without losing stability. and fyi i would be the second type of person. once this thing is built I wont be doing a lot of tinkering with it.

I will look into the OCZ memory, i know they are better at overclocking and someone mentioned corsair not liking DFI for some reason.

I'm still up in the air on the hard drives. I know there are raid controller cards, but do i need to get one? can my mobo do raid0, and how well? is it easy to set up?
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