Computer Broken...


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Hey guys, I took apart my old amd desktop and put back everything together.

And...the power doesn't come on.

Now my guess for the cause of damage is

1) Static Electricity (Although I did put considerable amount of care)
2) Using Excessive force when taking apart the Power plugs which could have damaged the motherboard.

What do you think the problem is?

Judging that the power doesn't even come on, I think it's a Mobo, CPU or RAM problem (possibly Hard disks but i dunno)...


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1. Make sure everything is firmly seated. 2. Reseat the cpu, the reseat the memory.3. Unplug all devices except for monitor and power supply, if it boots then cut off and hook up devices 1 by 1. Make sure no PCI devices are in the motherboard when you are doing this.