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Hi all,

How about we compile a list of common computer acronyms for reference. I'll start:

CPU- Central Processing Unit
GPU- Graphics Processing Unit
RAMDAC- Random Access Memory Digital-to-Analog Converter
FPU- Floating Point Unit
MPU- Math Processing Unit (Math Coprocessor)
PCI- Peripheral Component Interconnect
AGP- Accelerated Graphics Board
CNR- Communications Network Riser
ISA- Industry Standard Architecture
EISA- Extended Industry Standard Architecture
VESA- Video Electronic Standards Association
XGA- eXtended Graphics Array
VGA- Video Graphics Array
SVGA- Super Video Graphics Array
IDE- Integrated Drive Electronics
EIDE- Enhanced Inegrated Drive Electronics
SCSI- Small Computer System Interface
DMA- Direct Memory Access
PIO- Programmed Input/Output
ATA- AT Attachment
LAN- Local Area Network
WAN- Wide Area Network
ISP- Internet Service Provider
NIC- Network Interface Card
IP- Internet Protocol
TCP/IP- Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protcol
NAS- Network Attached Storage
BIOS- Basic Input/Output System
CMOS- Complementary Metal Oxide Semicondutor
USB- Universal Serial Bus
IEEE- The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, INc.
ROM- Read Only Memory
RAM- Random Access Memory
SRAM- Static Random Access Memory
DRAM- Dynamic Random Access Memory
VRAM- Video Random Access Memory
FPM- Fast Page Mode
EDO- Extended Data Out
SDRAM- Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
RDRAM- Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory
DDR- Double Data Rate
RIMM- Rambus Inline Memory Module
DIMM- Dual Inline Memory Module
SIMM- Single Inline Memory Module
FDD- Floppy Disk Drive
HDD- Hard Disk Drive
LBA- Logical Block Addressing
DVD- Digital Video Disc/Digital Versatile Disc
CDROM- Compact Disc Read Only Memory
CD-R- Compact Disc Recordable
CD-RW- Compact Disc Rewriteable
RAID- Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
PSU- Power Supply Unit
UPS- Uninterruptible Power Supply
TFT- Thin-Film Transistor
LCD- Liquid Crystal Display
CRT- Cathode-Ray Tube
AG (monitor)- Aperture Grille
SMP- Symmetric Multi Processing
MODEM- Modulator/Demodulator
CODEC- Compressor/Decompressor
DSL- Digital Subscriber Line
ASDL/ADSL- Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
ISDN- Integrated Services Digital Network
DVI- Digital Video Interface
IRQ- Interrupt ReQuest
IR- InfraRed
ECP- Extended Capabilities Port (parallel)
EPP- Enhanced Printer Port
Mbps- megabits per second
Kbps- kilobits per second
MB/s- megabytes per second
KB/s- kilobytes per second
PCMCIA- Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
OS- Operating System
NOS- Network Operating System
PNP- Plug and Play
ASPI- Advanced SCSI Progamming Interface
ASCII- American Standard Code for Information Exchange

That's all I can think of for now. If anyone can think of more, please add them on.
AGP- Accelerated Graphics Board
AGP = Accelerated Graphics Port

ANSI - American National Standards Institute
API - Application Programming Interface
ASP - Active Server Pages
BSOD - Blue Screen of Death
CGI - Common Gateway Interface
DOS - Disk Operating System / Denial of Service
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
GB - Gigabyte
GIF - Graphic Interchange Format
GUI - Graphical User Interface
HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language
HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
Hz - Hertz
JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
MB - Megabyte
MHz - Megahertz
GHz - Gigahertz
IMAP - Internet Message Access Protocol
MAC - Media Access Control
MPEG - Motion Pictures Expert Group
NNTP - Network News Transfer Protocol
POP - Post Office Protocol
PPP - Point to Point Protocol
PPPoE - Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet
SGRAM - Synchronous Graphics Random Access Memory
SLI - Scan Line Interleave (specific to graphics/video)
SLIP - Single Loop Interface Port
TB - Terabyte
VMS - Virtual Memory System
VPU - Visual Processing Unit

Others: (not too common, but had to include them) :p

Athlon XP - Athlon eXtreme Performance (CPU)
DXTC - DirectX Texture Compression (Graphics cards)
FSAA - Full Scene Anti-Aliasing (Graphics cards)
LMA - Lightspeed Memory Architecture (NVIDIA)
OpenGL - Open Graphics Library (API)
MSAA - Multi Sample Anti-Aliasing (Graphics cards)
OGSS - Ordered Grid Super Sampling (Anti-Aliasing - 3D Graphics)
RGSS - Ordered Grid Super Sampling (Anti-Aliasing -3D Graphics)
S3TC - S3 Texture Compression (Graphics cards)
SSAA - Super Sample Anti-Aliasing (Graphics cards)
T&L/TCL - Transformation & Lighting (or Transformation, Clipping & Lighting)
TBR - Tile Based Rendering (Specific to STM/PowerVR-based graphics cards)
TMU - Texture Mapping Unit (Graphics cards)
Windows XP - Windows eXPerience (OS)

And just for fun: :D

BIOS - BI-sexual Operating System
DNS - Destroyed Node Sequence
DOS - Dumb Operating System
FAQ - Fat @ss Quotient
FTP - Free Tele Phones
GUI - Gross User Interface
IMHO - Integrated Modular Hypermedia Object
ISP - Institute of Stupid People
LAN - Lame @ss Network
LOL - Lame Obnoxious Loser
NNTP - National Nerd Transaction Process
PCI - Poor Concept Innovation
PPP - Porn Porn Porn!!!
VGA - Very Gaseous @ss
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