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I've been having problems with my battery on my laptop. And I am sending it into HP for them to [try to] "repair it" since its still under warrenty. I know that they are going to set my computer back to factory settings. So is there a way to complete back up my computer with the programs so that when I get my laptop back I can just load the restore and it'll be like I didn't send it. Right now I have a blank 160GB Western Digital External Hard Drive. My computer is only 80GB so I know i'll have plenty of room for a restore. I also have Restrospect Express that came with the external drive. How could I do what I want to do.

[I also have my hard drive partisioned but there is nothing at all on the other part of the drive. Its only like 1 GB of space in there. Will it matter with the restore?]
Ok, I'm using Norton Ghost 9. Currently my hdd format is FAT32 if I make it NTFS will it make any difference in the restore?

Also, I have a beta of Vista and when I get my computer back I want to install it and try it out. Can I just partion a part of the drive for that? And if I just install Vista and not XP would I have to go back to XP before I could restore my computer, and get rid of vista? Or would I have to reformat to XP then restore?

One last question:
I have XP Pro. and if I get my laptop back with stuff on it and XP Home installed, [sometimes they will install another operating system type for no reason] when I restore it will it change back to XP Pro?
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