compaq LTE 5300 help


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Does anboody own or know how to diagnose problems running win 95 on this old laptop? I just want to show my digital camera pictures i put on cds. It boots up ok but a little slow but cd-rom drive has problems: plays retail music cds sound on 2 seconds then off 2 secondswith good volume. Program install disks and my 95 disk wont start says D;/ not accessible and the device is not ready I cant find the floppy do these machines have one? How can i either reload 95 or upgrade to 98 ? Tried run-d:/ setup too still no start. Also bios hard to set?

Thanks sorry for all the questions Bob

Gary Graefen

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Robert it sounds like the cd rom in your laptop is dyeing-lots of laptops do not come with a floppy. youll probably have to have a new cdrom put in-or bite the bullet and get a newer laptop. If you have a desktop computer you can use a serial cable from the desktop to the laptop and tranfer your images to the harddrive of the laptop, then show them from there. Youll need win98 at least on the desktop computer and have to create a network floppy wizard disk.