Compaq and Dell's crappy cooling systems.

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Ever bought a Compaq? Dell? Hp? Gateway?
If so.. Ever cracked it open?
I cracked open my old 333mhz system. and it has the crappiest cooling system.. 2 fans.. 1 in ther power supply that doesn't move any air.. and one in the front that suppose to suck in air.. but doesn't due to compaq's crappy case design in the way.

Recently my Friends 1.8 ghz p4 dell hdd burned out.. I opened it up. and Found Only 2 fans also.. One Huge one.. that sucked air from the back and blew it on the processor.. and one in the power supply..

I wonder Why his HDD "Burned out".

Back to my compaq.
The cooling system is poor.. When i took off the case.. i touched the processor heatsink which is huge.. . Also Compaq is stupid on how the designed the mobo. The processor hangs over the Northbridge.. Which has No heatsink.. and get's really hot.
I have a Slot 1 chip.. With the big heatsink and all.. And instead of being Non paralell to the mobo.. it's lays right on top of it.
Which results in my chip getting too hot.. and slowing it self down. so it will stay at the highest tempeture without burning up the silicon.
Pics of my mobo, Video card, and ram, and hdd


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Companies such as Dell, Compaq, Gateway, etc. advertise their machines and comps that will handle everything (internet, games, office apps, etc), but when they design them, they only think that people will run DOS games and notepad. My dad has a compaq, and we've put over 300 megs of ram into it, in hopes of speeding it up. As it turns out, Compaq's case designs limit airflow as much as possible, so half of that ram is probably fried from being too hot.
haha, my old compaq 350 was something like that. It had no fans intake, one outtake in the back (power supply), and a steel heatsink on the chip. It was horrible and I had no idea until I upgraded to P3 933 mhz.
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my mom has a compaq. I opened up 1 day cause i was bored and i wanted to clean it out.. it had 1 90MM fan in there. Thats it.
Yea, my HP (piece of crap) has two fans. One on the power supply and one on the huge heatsink. I can feel the heat on my case. Stupid HP.
Oh man, i work in a large european computer retailer, iver seen some of the worst case desing and cheapskating ever. Have u ever heard of Emachines? If so, find a lowish end one, and open it up, now play a game of 'find the agp slot'
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