Comp shorts out!!!!


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I Built my comp and when i go to turn it on on the back of the psu(switch) the lights flash on and off, now i'm not a n expert but isnt it supposed to start up when i pressthe power button on the front of the case, which by the way it doesn't. So it seems that as soon as i flick the switch it shorts out!!!! wtf's the prob, i'v tried everything-reseating the heatsink, reseating ram graphics cards!!! I ve tried turning it on with no drives connected!!!!! I have no idea. Oh and also, if I leave the switch on the back of the psu on for a while and then switch it off the fans start turning for a few short seconds. My brother has told me that this is because of stored up energy in the capacitors on the mobo, so doesn't this mean its gettin power?
Thanx in advance!
Lol on the joke, What are its spec? Because if its specs are really good you may need a better PSU, try pushing the ram back in also.
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Have you checked that you have all the wires hooked up right? The power and reset wires down in the lower right of your motherboard? Do you have the square 4 pin power lead connected to your motherboard?

It could also be that you have a bad power supply.


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Well you have told us you removed all the devices from the computer .e.g. CD, Hard drive and your still getting the same problem, so its not a PSU having 2 less of power just yet. Just so we can know, what Watt's is your PSU? Now when you built the machine you did remember to install the risers? When the PSU does turn on, is there any light popin up on the Mainboard? Does the PSU FAN stay on for long? I guess you dont have a second PSU free? Now what your BRO said about the mainboard is not really true, only on laptops does the capacitors on the mobo fill up with stored energy due to the laptop battery being always plugged in.