comp pkg without the junk?

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Ok yes I would piece together my own system but im short on time and I dont have enough cash at moment to get everything at once so...Any ideas on companies that sell comp pkg monthly deals without all the GARBAGE. Like "Free" 1 yr aol deals and software bundles that you have to get. I dont need any of that...was looking at dell comps and etc...but havent bought a new comp in awhile so unsure. Any advice or links would be great!
Also was having trouble finding a company flexible on OS. I really wanted Win2k server for study reasons..mcse.

EDIT: lol I like NeoComputers. Just took he sponsor link maybe thats what I need...
here is one site

This site advertises low prices and has several options but I have never personally dealt with them,

Windows 2000 server is not usually available on a low cost PC, because the software license alone will bring the cost beyond what is reasonable to pay. You may want to just get a PC with Windows 2000 installed and purchase a 5 user license of the server software later. Of course it depends on what version of server you want as to what the costs are. It would be good for you to install it from scratch anyway.
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