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Hey guys, My name is Victor Paez a 20 year old nursing student from Brooklyn New York, this post is the builders in the area that would be so kind to share some information if they can help build me a computer for a reasonable price. Well a little background info about me with computers, well My girlfriend and i who is a nursing student as well, are HUGE! gaming fanatics, we have loads and loads of games for the pc, xbox, ps2, psp, gamecube and so on. Well we currently have one custom computer built for my girlfriend back then when she worked for a online gaming site that provides game experience/gold/weapons to all online games, now that we both live together i completely hog up the computer and the girlfriend is not too fond of that, so now i am the market for a new custom built gaming computer for a reasonable price. The PC games im really into at the moment is definately World Of Warcraft, which demands a very good graphics card/performance, i also try to play Counter Strike as well, but the pc lags alot i guess due to an outdated vid card or something, also Homeworld 2 which is another game that demands good performance. This is what i want in a computer or need, i need a comp that has great performance, no lag what so ever in any kind, yea i hate lag, i need a 19 inch flat screen, everything up to date. sorry not much description given but i dont really know much about computers, but i do require a computer that will never lag on me and with tremendous amount of memory with a dvd drive, burner, and great cooling performance. please contact me at for proposals, everything is appreciated, especially for you to just read this mumbo jumbo stuff that i just wrote, thanks


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I'm in Virginia, so not to close but I'd be happy to build one for you. Send me a PM and we can talk more about it, if you have any specs in minds, or just want something fast etc.


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Im in the Dallas area and I can help you out. Is there some way that I can contact you? You can PM me if you would like.