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I have access to a PC with Photo Paint version 10 installed in Spanish language.

I tried to follow kind of a "recipe" (script?) from an American site, naturally in English (detailing each step with the commands like ALT + C, H, S and so on).

This process is aimed to apply the neon effect to a certain text that I wanted printed. I tried to follow it almost blindly without resorting to actually understand 100% what I was doing.

My problem: Just one or two of those commands seemed to work. The rest did something totally different or not worked at all (90% of them, in fact). Wonder if a different language makes for different abreviated commands(?)

I fail even to find similar or equivalent for each one.Is it any way to find the equivalents in Spanish?

Is this solved somehow to the Windows environment level for whatever program I run in that PC or it depends of the software house for each application?

It's true that I also fail to recognize basic things like "rendering" and ignore the basics of Photo Paint being more familiar with Corel Draw.

Since the "script" given is good for Ph. P version 8 or 9 may I supose also that they are radically different from v. 10? I doubt so...

I can pass from applying neon effects but would like to know how to handle this in the future and not only in regard to that application only.

Really at lost.....
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