command prompt in XP Pro

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I'm logged in as an administrator (the only administrator), but when I try to use the command prompt I get the following message:

The command prompt has been disabled by your administrator.

Press any key to continue...

Does anyone out there know how to correct this?
Are you sure your the only administrator? Go to computer management and check under users. There may be another account you have to use.

Another possiblity is going to Local Security Policy and checking to see if it's disabled in there.
I know I posted this elsewhere, but thank you MS for making this issue confusing.

By Administrator, are you going to the User Selection screen with all users logged off, and hitting ctl + alt + del twice? The user you create when you install XP is not the real Administrator.
I've looked under and Local Security Policy (thank you Chopper for responding) and didn't see anything there specifically related to the command prompt that is disabled.

And Yes Seloce (thanks for your reply also) I am logging on the built in admin by using ctrl + alt + delete twice at the welcome main welcome screen.

Either of you have any other suggestions.....and thanks again
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