Coming soon: NZXT Vulcan m-atx case

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"Check out this new chassis for Micro ATX motherboards from NZXT, maybe it's just me but this thing is beautiful. A nice change of pace from the Plexiglas cases people are showing off nowadays. As you can see this chassis is made for gaming, it comes with a rubber handle and has a lot of mesh for great airflow. There are wire routing holes, and LED control switch and a CPU heat sink back plate cutout.


Johnny Hou, Chief Designer at NZXT had this to say

“Most Micro ATX cases currently on the market make a lot of sacrifices to save space”
“With Vulcan, we're making a huge statement by empowering gamers with a portable solution that is 40% more compact than ATX full towers that still offers superior cooling and space for larger heat sinks and the most demanding graphics cards like the Radeon 5970 in CrossFire.”

At the end of the month you can have this beautiful chassis for $69.99 check it out at NZXT :: Unique. Unprecendented. Inspired - Vulcan Product Detail





Looks like a good case. I'm just wondering how sturdy that "handle" is. I wouldn't be moving a PC around all that much, but it would be nice to know it's not going to just snap off, and send my PC down a flight of stairs...
EM Radiation should matter unless you are in an environment with enough equipment to cause computers to spazz out.

I mean ****, we have radio signals passing through out body's which is also radiation, either way, it doesn't matter for the average computer enthusiast, in a server environment or hospital, that is when it matters.
I think it looks very nice to be honest when it reaches Europe I am going to get one.
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