combining my C: and D: drives

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One way I know of currently, hardware wise is to get a motherboard with RAID support, and set configuration to RAID0 mode, to combine the hard drives. Hope this helps as a first start.
by combine, you mean visualy?
if you do, there is a program by symantec (the same program that developed Norton) called 'Ghost'.
it looks a bit old, like a dos program, but most technician still work with it..
you can read it on it's site, but I'm not sure it is available for free..
i think he/she means to make one drive out of them, your gonna need a good ol windows boot disk get to the command prompt and type fdisk then u can remove both partitions and make one larger partition with your newly formed unpartitioned space,

another note
ghost is not like is used to be symantac ghost has some nice new functions and no longer uses dos and its primary way of ghosting
Are you talking physical or logical disks?

Physical disks can as far as I know only be joined by using dynamic disks in Windows2k but the question is more related to why you need to do this?

If you are talking logical disks (partitions) you may use
* Ghost for the primary partition, backup to save all data and Fdisk to merge the partitions (recreate), or
* Backup of all data, Fdisk top merge partitions and a reinstallation with later restore, or
* Backup and Partition Magic

In any case it is not that a trivial task
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