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OK here is my problem, I'm sure there are more than a few answers that could resolve it, but other than spending money I'd like to ask for a little help if y'all don't mind.

About three months ago I told my wife I wanted to build a new com from scratch. The gateway 933 I picked up at a swap just wasn't doin anything for me any more. I mean the MoBo was topped out 512k memory, and I wanted DDR 333 2700 512 sticks. I didn't want to buy some companies in home spy so I picked out what it was I wanted and made the list. My wife, god bless her, decided to take it upon herself, since I alone am the greatest lover she's ever known, to get me what I needed. So she comes home one day with a Gigabyte 845PE P4 Titan667 MoBo and a intel P4 2.4 proc. Ok this isn't what I had on my list but hey what can I do she just brought me a MoBo and Proc. 2 days later I'm looking at 2 sticks of DDR 2700 333 512 Kingstons. Ok she didn't read the article on memory I left out but ok can't get upset my Videocard, power supply, and Case hadn't arrived yet better if I don't make her feel as tho I don't appreciate all the goodies. Even Tho I honestly did enjoy watching the boxes pile up on my desk knowing that I'd be building my first com very soon. Now 3 months ago there was only one video card I was interested in, yea the big ATI. I've been using a 9700 in my 933 for about a year or so and I hadn't the slightest problem. Well the first time I installed XP I did but I'm more of an ME fan anyway. For some reason that 933MHZ loved that OS and never gave me a problem. Anyway back to the story so she comes home from dropping the kids off at grandma's and gives me my 450 watt power supply. I'm instanly stoked and am itching to build. I said please tell me ya got the case, please. Imagine lotsa parts and no kids for three days, a rare occasion indeed. So she says there's something in the front seat for ya,"I couldn't carry it" she said. Well I'm off and running to the garage throw open the door to her Yukon, hey I buy her things too, and there in the front seat...a 12 pack of Fat Tire. Not what I'd hoped for, but still a tasty beverage to contemplate what would soon be, I went back into the house were my wife, standing with nothing but Victoria's secret between myself, and once again, the Championship of the World. 2 hours later I was forced to get my own cold one, as her legs didn't seem to be working properly at the moment. "Well" I said "we only need a Case and a Video card and I can start building". She looks at me and says "do we really need a new video card? Well ya babe of course we do." And then I said "but in all honesty the card I want is pretty new I can wait until they fix the bugs." "Good the case is in the back of the truck." she said. Now I'm Excited. So i'm on my way out the door and I start thinking she's been a little off so far in what my list says and what I've ended up getting. I mean the case is what's important. who really cares about benchmarking scores? And I had told her that there was only one case I wanted and she knew it. I opened up the back and there it was. Lian Li PC-71 aluminum tower case, and no, it wasn't altered with that crappy black paint. OK HERE IS THE DEAL. I Put it all together, using my 7200 card, and I didn't have any problems at all, nothing! Even XP hadn't given me any crap. Until 2 days ago. My loving wife comes home with a present for me....A video card! Now I told her I didn't "need" one because it was too new right? So what does she get? The newest one they had.....ASUS V9560/TD GeForceFX5600. So what do I do? I put it in and install the "XP" drivers, and I get my first XP compliance crap. Not good so I leave the enhanced driver out. and continue through the rest of setup. Nothing has worked right since. I can't play a game without it freezing. At 1 point it would boot and as soon as I moved the mouse. when I try to install games requiring a 3d card they say I don't have one. What makes it worse is I can't seem to find out a thing about the card fr0m, Asus who doesn't list it's driver with the card. So my question is does naybody have any ideas, or know of a site with the 411 on this card. Here are the parts/site list if anyone has any Ideas pleas give me a hand. Thanks.









P.S Sound card is a Creative Audgy Platinum EX It doesn't seem to be involve with anything but I can't be to sure I guess.

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well.. heres one for starters..

your motherboard claims to have:

Expansion Slots
1 x AGP 4x, supports 1.5v display card only.


Your V9560 /TD graphics card is 8x agp..

Sorry to tell you this, but money has been wasted on this card.. if you cant take advantage of its 8x agp capability, it will never run as fast as its meant to.

My suggestion: Look in the video cards manual and see if it has jumper settings enabling you to set it to 4x agp or it may be a software setting, instead of its current 8x. im a novice when it comes to tweaking vid cards. im sure someone here will help you in that area.

Also, see if youre able to get a refund on that motherboard, and get one that can support 8x agp.

If the first suggestion doesnt work, and your card is set for 4x agp, it is most likely a driver issue.

Message back and tell me where youre at..

good luck.
Yea I know the boardis only 4x capable but the card is 2,4,8X capable. I'll keep the motherboard and proc and use it for another com if I need too it's not so much the money as it is the problem. I'd prefer to figure out the problem. I can't figure why a file that XP says doesn't comply would be included in the driver files both on my install disk and downloaded directly from NVidia do you? Lmao "check the video card manual" yea right this thing is 112 pages long and only 8 are in English, and it explains the V8460 series, not the V9560. That's why I said I'd be happy just to get something to read about the dang thing. Now when the drivers from the disk were installed XP popped up with 2 error reports. 1st said it was a display driver, but it didn't know why. The 2nd one said an unknown device driver, and it didn't know why. So I have found myself here, Gameless for 3 days.
Ok problem resolved. I guess that when it all boiled down to it, it was in fact....user error. My mobo disc provided a bios editor/updater and although I used it once, I should have used it a second time to get completely updated. thanks for the responses tho.

I must tell ya the graphics this card produces are really darn good. In fact I need to go and look for a new monitor today
that cares to come close in matching the cards abilities.
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