College Laptop


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What's up guys? Looks like I haven't been on here in over a year but I'm sure some of you remember me. Anyways I'm going to college in a couple of months (I got in to Notre Dame!) and I need to pick out a laptop. I figured where better to ask than here.

Things I want:
I'd like to have an SSD (depending on the cost)
High resolution screen (the 1080p ones are really nice)
Backlit keyboard
8 gigs of RAM
Quad Core
HDMI output
BluRay player/burner
Good battery life

Things I need (dealbreakers):
At least 4 gigs of RAM
Dual Core min 2 GHz
Greater than 14" screen / Smaller than 17"
Dual layer DVD burner
Good video card
Portability (small and lightweight enough)
Windows 7 Professional

The two laptops I've been looking at most so far are
- HP Envy 15
- Sony Vaio F Series

The Envy is nice and perfect size, but lacks an integrated optical drive. It also is reported to have terrible battery life and to get excessively hot. It's also a little too expensive with all the options I want. I'd like to keep the cost under $2,000.

The Vaio F Series is also really nice, but might be a little too big. The SSD is an additional $500 and sets it out of my price range. Otherwise it looks great.

I'm very open to other suggestions as well, but only quality brands - I want a computer that's going to last.


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I would suggest to forget about SSD's for now, you can upgrade later when they're reasonably priced. Also, why do you need that much ram? And what will this laptop be used for?


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It'll be for typical college tasks (word processing, web browsing, etc) in addition to gaming (I want it to be able to run the latest games).

And 4 gigs is the recommended amount by the University, 8 gigs is an option for not too much extra money.