Coders are like Poets, Just without the mood swings


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Ok, Thats an old saying Thats on alot of shirts so I figured it would be a good Title lol

But anyways, In english today we had this assignment where we had to make a poem about one of our hobbies, Put it on construction paper, etc.

So of course I chose computers. I put a little spin on it though, I made mine a Command Prompt Window, And My text was the commands. Tell me what you think, See if you can find the hidden meaning

C:> Net Start
C:> Netstat -n
No Connections
External Error
C:> Net Stop
C:> Shutdown

Ok, Anyone get the meaning of it? I thought it was kind of funny how it made sense to me, It might not to anyone else though lol

Ill tell what its saying in a bit


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What I get from it is that you start the connection, you look to see the connections, but, you see no connection, and it's because of some outside problem, and the connection is cut off and the system shutdown. For me, I think it means that life starts, has problems in between, and then it ends and that's it. Or, you could say that you love starts, has a connection, but, has a problem(s), and then love is cut off and shutdown. That's my anazlyzation... (or howver you speel that word)... lol...


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but net start and stop refere to the statring of services...

I see the life annalogy though...


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I find that funny.

And the 1st thing that comes to my mind= Windows :D

1st it starts.
Then u get an error
then it shuts down.

David Lindon

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Yes I'd agree with you on that. I've never heard the expression before but it definately makes sense!

*The poems industry is short of poets who have left for better paid coding positions*