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I just finished my Chilled WCS idea. Im looking for various recommendation's, and thoughts. At work i seen a friend getting ready to throw out a small fridge from sales. So i took it. The reason he was throwing it out, was because it froze everything. Which is ideal, for my WCS. These small fridges have very tiny freezers. But this fridge, acts as a complete freezer. Even though i was going to pay for a fridge anyways, then do w/e is wrong with this fridge, so it freezes everything. When i cleaned it out, EVERYTHING was frozen. With that, im going to get 2 Rad's from dangerden. Then emerge my Rad's in some type of unit, which will be pure ice. Im going to need a damn good pump too, so i can circulate coolant properly. Also im going to make my own tubing insulator, which will cover around 12'inches of tubing.

The insulated tubing, will be inside the fridges freezer, because i believe it will be slighly colder there. Inside the insulation, will
be a small amount of water, which will turn to ice. I might simply use pure coolant, since it will get as cold as water anyways. I have not finshed my insulation patent. So any ideas will help alot their. Im going with a copper TDX block. Not completely sure what pump though. Im not going to OC my PE, since i have read its already near its architectural limits. So a 20mhz OC, i can live without. Paying for a 50$ gpu block, and more tubing is not worth such a low OC. I should of got a 6800 GT, then OC past Ultra speeds. Then have a way better video card then a X800 XT PE. But OC my GPU is not my main concern.

So the result will be. For my coolant to pass through my extremely cold Rad's. Then get as cold as possible from my freezer and insulation process. Just for all the stupid question that might arrive, im well aware i must drill a few holes in my fridge. For anyone else out there. These small fridges only cost around 80-125$. Same cost as a good Rad. My B-day is July-21. So i HOPE my WCS should be finished a few days after that.


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Hmmm....don't think that the ice forming in between the tubing and the insulation would be the best of idea.....I see it making more trouble than it would actually help in accomplishing anything......the freezer is going to cause the air and the liquid to cool down to the same temp regardless of there being that little extra water.

Also I wouldnt use pure coolant, but you will probably need a decent amount of anti-freeze in there, I'd say no more than 10-15% total mixture, you do after all want the best damn performance you can for all the trouble you're going through and solid coolant would just really kill the performance potential.

What you should do is get a copper intercooler to fit inside the fridge, and hell if you wanted, you could put that into a bucket of water and let it freeze in there.....don't know if you know what I'm talking about when I say intercooler, but it'll be copper piping that winds back and forth......the copper will make it easier to cool the water going through the fridge....

You'll need neoprene and dieletric grease all along the socket of course which you can get from dangerden........either way if you get it working it should come out nice.......and with an intercooler it'd be easy to make it a permanent addition in the fridge, while saving tubings, and being able to seal off the holes that the beginning and end of the intercooler will be coming from.


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I would actually go with making some modifications to the fridge itself. Extend the tubing so the condensor (evaporator) has some slack on it so you can place it outside of the confines of the fridge. Get a big cooler, load it with distilled water. You should already have your existing water cooler in place, just incorporate the cooler as a resevoir that is an active part of the cooling system, meaning make sure to have the water walways circulating through that. Now, put the condensor in the cooler, submerged in the water. You will obviously have to take proper precautions as so the water dosent freeze. I've seen this done, I just forget where. Like Nubi said, insulate your motherboard and peices. But dont just insulate them insulate the HELL outta them. When you are working with temps that low, frost is inevitable going to appear, and wil easily damage your components. Better too much insulation than not enough.

I've done extensive research on this very thing, so if you have problems I will be more than happy to help.

Good luck, another Xtreme system starting to appear on TF!

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