Codec and DVD problem

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I hope this goes here.

Hi guys, got myself into a bit of a situation.

I had a lot of files on my external hard drive that I used to watch on my DVD player. Anyway, all these file were AVI format.

I had particular files that were M4V, and my dvd would not recognize them. So I downloaded the K-Lite Codec Pack Basic package, installed it and when I was just editing my files, it must have done something to the AVI format files.

Now when I put my external hard drive into my DVD, even the AVI format files are not recognizable, it just doesn't come up. It's also not "hidden" or anything like that in the external hard drive folder.

Any tips on what I can do? I'm very sure it's got something to do with messing about with trying to get the M4V to play.
nothing out of the ordinary at all, just usual stuff I always do like just opening the folder and adding subtitles, re-arranging order of the files etc.

nothing like changing the format or anything like that.
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