Closet sale


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*Wipes dust off*

Well heres another sale of "Stuff I found at the back of my closet" lol

I got pics to I dont know what these things are worth and barely getting into the whole knowing everything of comps thing so I can let you decide price or so. Not to many good things, just things puleld from other working computers then stashed into my closet.Have pics but my webcam sucks so it aint high quality.

Everything was pulled from working comps and work. Can't guarentee that it will work for sure for sure sure but they were working when pulled out. 3-6 months ago.

Okay what I got:

I got a motherboard with a CPU at 500 mhz
(AMD-k6) w/heatsink (Never overclocked)-

Got an AMD duron pulled from a SONY Vaio computer, It is at 800 mhz and never overclock (Can be overclocked to 1 ghz) w/heatsink-

Internal speaker for comps (For business comps that just need sound to hear things)-

Bunch of IDE cables-

Some random comp things power supply,56k card, ethernet card, 64 mb pc133 ram, USB's that you plug into your motherboard and acts as a card giving you 2 extra USB ports, A card that allows you to hook up your monitor to it -

Yea yea I know, prices?!?!?! Damnit it mofo! I dont know what there worth so cant put a price then called insane for it...


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56k card, ethernet card, 64 mb pc133 ram, USB's
i am interrested in buying this 20 bucks (usd)