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Graffiti. Some of you might think of it as an act of vandalism, others more of a form of art. Me? i think of it more as a personal piece of artwork, others may dissagree but thats not the point.:p

Anyways, Just a few hours ago me and my friend snuck out of our houses to go do a little of this so called "street-art". We get out to the spot and there was a flock of local police officers sitting idle in various parking lots. Well since there is a curfew in my town they all headed twards us. Me being with cans of spray paint on me, i took off. After a quick chase i sneakily made my way back to my house. Needless to say it was a very close call.

So finally i was wondering if anybody knew what the consequences of being cought are. Because i dont consider myself a vandal, or a bad kid. Just a kid with creative and differant views on things, but im not willing to risk it anymore if the consequences are great.

So tell me what you think. Thank you.;)


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agree with above. there are lots of ppl in jail who arent bad ppl (im not saying ur gonna go to jail).

if u wanna find out the consequences go to the local station and ask, but do it in a round about fashion.

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Nothing annoyings me more then kids who tag other people's property. I Have no idea what the consequences are in your country, but here in Australia you can get up to 5 years jail time for vandalism if you're adult which i'm taking as you're not. Even if its something that doesn't destroy property (i.e egging someone's house) you can still recieve a 5 year sentence. You're pretty lucky you got away, you probably would've had to spend over night in a jail cell and the police would ring your parents up i'm guessing.


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if you like making art, do it on something that is not owned by somebody else.

that's the reason graffiti is not liked, and illegal. people do it to other people's property.


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Fora first time offender probably a fine, maybe community service. It alse depends if your municipality has mandatory minimum sentencing. So no matter what you wont get off the hook.

If they had caught you, they would also charge you with evading the police, which makes you looks worse, and the judge would be less leniant.
Your not the one that put the graffitti on my garage did you?



I dont have a picture uploaded of the newest.. its looks like kirby. :p

I like it tho, some of it looks pretty cool.. some of it is total crap tho :(


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Yeah... I remember a few years ago my father and I put up 20 Sections of brand new 6' picket fencing on the side of his yard. Then we painted it.

SOME #*$(*%&$&# little ^$&#*)(@ punks came and decided it would be so uber cool to tag up the brand new fence. Well, in the middle of the night my father woke up, "it was summer with the windows open" and he heard, "hiss... hiss... hiss..." so he went to investigate. He went to the area of the noise and found 2 little mothertruckers tag up his new fence. It wasn't even like artistic. It was like profanity and racial words and stupid stuff. All on a white fence.

They took off running, but my father recognized them from a near by neighboorhood. So he went to their house at 3:30am and hammered on the door until the parents answered. Then he explained that either the boys buy, "the same paint and paint brushes" and come the next day and completely repaint the fence or he was calling the police and pressing charges. Needless to say the two kids were there the next day with paint and paintbrushes in 100F weather painting 20 6' sections of fencing.

My brother and I just laughed at them all day while swimming in the pool and drinking lemonade..
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